Delver's Tools

Crash Bar
3' long solid metal push bar painted bright red. Heavy. Turns one door into a portal out to a safe space, lasts for 5 minutes then melts. Has to be solidly bolted onto the door.

A flexible 10" wide film disc that floats and shines with sunlight when unrolled. Almost always points where you want, 1-in-8 chance it shines directly in your eyes.

Metal canisters of compressed quick-curing epoxy. Pull pin, throw, and take cover. Explodes into a polymer net that expands and hardens into a 5" thick solid wall. Airtight and granite hard when fully cured, 3 minutes working time. Can completely seal off a 15'x15' area.

A 10' pole with built-in sensors to read air quality, electromagnetic and arcane fields, temporal distortions, physical force, temperature, and detect metal within a 30' range. Wirelessly relays data to a convenient wrist-mounted display.

Shaped charges designed to neatly but firmly disagree with locks. Come in different sizes: Tiny (suitable for chests and padlocks), small (for single doors), and large (for vaults, city gates, and blast doors). Self-adhering and silent.

Plover(tm) Microscout
A tiny quadcopter with cameras mounted on the top and underside. Painted matte bubblegum pink to foil monsters' color vision. Has a remote control mode (range 150') and autonomous mode with a simple AI to guide it (600' range, no video stream past 150' but still records). Completely silent running.

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