Introducing the Tiny Coffins Challenge

I've been introspecting about the reason I've not posted as much (or at all) this year. It's mostly that my blog content is fueled by my in-person games and the material I make for them. Pandemic hiatuses cut that off and I moved to working on other things like zines and books instead. While I'm not going to force it, I am going to try and post more. Writing small bits and pieces along with the larger projects is probably good for me. I'm also going to start giving challenge prompts. That way even if I fail to write, others might be inspired to create.

Here's how it'll work:

It'll be an informal, open blog-writer's circle. Each month I'll post a prompt and some associations it brings up in my mind. Anyone who wants to can think about it and do something with it. It can be RPG related or not, just so long as you make something. Then over the course of the month everyone can share what they've done and compare where your minds went.

I'm not going to write for the prompts or be involved in any way beyond yelling them into the electronic void in an expression of Tiny Coffins. I may not even look at the results. (Though I likely will if you tell me you wrote something.)

We're too late for a prompt this month, so I'll post the first one in December. Hopefully it'll be fun and we'll see some cool things come from it.

Obviously and as always: Give content warnings as needed and no bigoted or -phobic content.

*If you want to share posts on twitter, maybe try using #TinyCoffinsChallenge. That hashtag doesn't seem to be used for anything.

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